The Midnight Special

In a dystopian future, a grizzled detective and his enigmatic android partner join forces with a fearless smuggler and a mysterious seer to dismantle a galaxy-spanning criminal empire and prevent a cataclysmic event that threatens the solar system’s very existence.



In the distant future, where the outer planets and moons of the solar system teem with intrigue and danger, Detective Sam Harker, a grizzled and haunted investigator, is thrust into a noir world of shadows and secrets. His only ally is Ada, a mysterious android with extraordinary powers. Together, they embark on a relentless quest to unravel the enigma of OS3, a galaxy-wide criminal organization with sinister motives.

As they traverse the icy landscapes of moons like Europa and Titan, they encounter the fearless smuggler Zara, whose tangled past is interwoven with OS3’s nefarious schemes. Along the way, they cross paths with The Oracle, an enigmatic seer whose visions hold the key to unraveling the criminal empire’s darkest secrets.

But as they inch closer to the truth, they must navigate a treacherous world of corrupt officials, ruthless crime lords, and a looming catastrophe known as “Cerberus.” The fate of the solar system hangs in the balance, and their journey is a pulse-pounding race against time.

“The Midnight Special” is a gripping science fiction noir graphic novel filled with unexpected twists, engaging characters, and a galaxy on the brink of chaos. Join Harker, Ada, Zara, and The Oracle as they face their deepest fears and forge alliances in the darkest corners of the cosmos, for the secrets they uncover will change the fate of the solar system forever.




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"In a galaxy of shadows, four unlikely allies must uncover the secrets of OS3 before time runs out."