The Fallen

“The Fallen” delves into a gripping narrative that intertwines technology, supernatural elements, and human emotions. The story unfolds around Alan, a brilliant but eccentric inventor who creates an android named Bart, capable of life-like emotions and actions. As Alan, along with his friends Jessy and Gavin, grapple with the consequences of their creation, they encounter otherworldly forces that challenge their understanding of reality and morality. The narrative escalates as the line between human and artificial intelligence blurs, setting the stage for a profound exploration of identity, purpose, and the nature of existence.


In a world that was already tearing itself apart, imagination connoisseur and obsessive inventor Alan creates the world’s most advanced AI-powered android, Benign Artificial Robot Technology or BART. Who he loves and wants to protect. Bart is new to the world but soon learns that everything around him is falling apart and he wasn’t exactly accepted into this new world he was created into. Subsequently BART encounters a force he doesn’t understand and soon, he is pushed into a problem that even he, with all his brilliance, cannot stop.

Izkiah, one of the fallen, wants just one thing… to stop running. He wants to be at the top of the hierarchy again and needs a compliant vessel to achieve that goal.

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“As God once did, witness me give him the breath of life” – This quote captures the pivotal moment when Alan imbues his creation, the android Bart, with a spark of life, echoing the divine act of creation and setting the tone for the novel’s deep philosophical inquiries.