Crossing through time’s perilous corridors, a team of time-traveling agents battles both history’s malevolent forces and their own organization’s corruption to stop serial killers in ‘Portals: Where Altering Time Spells Redemption or Ruin.



In a world where time is both a labyrinth and a weapon, the Time Crimes Bureau (TCB) stands as humanity’s last line of defense. Led by the brilliant Dr. Olivia Richards, the team—composed of former military strategist Tim Jackson, history expert Halle Bennett, and tech prodigy Owen Chambers—dives fearlessly into the folds of time.

Their mission: to rewrite history by eradicating serial killers who threaten the fabric of existence. But as they traverse through centuries, facing the enigmatic Temporal Butcher—a foe with intimate ties to their own past—the team discovers a sinister truth lurking within their organization.

Haunted by personal tragedies and driven by redemption, they confront ethical dilemmas while navigating treacherous historical landscapes. Betrayal, deceit, and a twisted sense of justice blur the lines between hero and villain.

As the ripple effects of their actions reshape the past, present, and future, ‘Portals’ delves into the depths of morality and the consequences of wielding time as a weapon. Brace yourself for a mind-bending journey through the ages, where every step alters destinies, and the true cost of rewriting history may be far greater than they ever imagined.





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Temporal justice unravels across centuries as a team of time-traveling vigilantes confronts the past's darkest shadows in “Portals: Altering Time to Erase Evil.”