Droplets For The Soul

Author Steve Foley’s new book “Droplets for the Soul” is an imaginative science fiction novel that takes readers into a world where nothing is what it seems. Recent release “Droplets for the Soul” from Page Publishing author Steve Foley an electrifying science fiction novel that follows the pursuit of the truth that exposes the deep conspiracy about planet Earth.


When the Ichthyophagi showed wonder at the number of the years, he led them to a fountain, wherein when they had washed, they found their flesh all glossy and sleek, as if they had bathed in oil- and a scent came from the spring like that of violets. The water was so weak, they said, that nothing would float in it, neither wood, nor any lighter substance, but all went to the bottom. If the account of this fountain be true, it would be their constant use of the water from it which makes them so long-lived.

–Herodotus (425-484 BC)


All religions, all ideologies, and all the schools of thought that have been introduced to us at one point or another came from them. They were ploys to distract us from the issue that would ensure our survival. We were fed lies about places like heaven and hell to keep us wishing for that afterlife. We stopped seeing the earth for what it really was: an experimental proving ground. We are their guinea pigs. We were fed so much indoctrination that we completely lost sight of what was, yet their mistake was mixing some of the truth with their lies. The Bible has records of people who lived long lives. You see, some people have actually come close to discovering this, the ultimate lie. But they fell short just before they could let others know what was happening.

Adabelle, a young teenage girl living under abusive parents, discovers this truth. Together, with a group of her fellow teenagers and help from an unlikely source, they must battle their creators for the right to live up to their true potential. If they fail, humanity falls.

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“We have been lied to all our lives. When I say ‘all our lives,’ I don’t mean individual lives. I mean that our collective existence is a lie. It has always been a lie. I might not live for long once I let this out there. They are watching. They watch every step that we take, direct our ways, and lead us onto paths where they want us to tread. I know all about this. I have seen, right to the very beginning, before everything began, before the first human came to earth. I have seen all of these, and I am very afraid.”