1.6 GHz

“In a race against time, physicist Dr. Malik Pyle and his team must decipher enigmatic signals, navigate a hidden realm, and confront a manipulative adversary to release trapped souls and unravel the secrets of ‘1.6 GHz’.”


In the gripping graphic novel “1.6 GHz,” a world on the brink of discovery is thrust into a realm of uncharted dimensions. Dr. Malik Pyle, a brilliant physicist driven by an unyielding curiosity, unveils a startling truth that redefines reality itself. Strange radio signals in the 1.6 ghz range, an enigma for years, unveil a hidden parallel world teeming with trapped souls, lost between the fabric of existence.

As Malik and his team strive to decode the secrets of the invisible dimension, they uncover tales of love, loss, and longing that bind the lost souls to their ethereal prison. The clock ticks ominously as humanity races against time, harnessing science and courage to release the souls from their intangible chains.

But the path to redemption is perilous. Agent Nathaniel Blackwood, an enigmatic operative of “The Veilkeepers,” emerges as a formidable adversary. With manipulative mastery, Blackwood weaves a sinister web to protect the secrets of the invisible realm, pitting Malik and his team against an organization willing to plunge the world into chaos to maintain its dominion.

Through twists and turns, revelations, and sacrifices, “1.6 GHz” explores the depths of human determination, the fragile threads of existence, and the unfathomable power of interconnected souls. This riveting tale of science fiction and drama challenges the boundaries of reality, leaving readers on the edge of their seats, entwined in a battle between light and shadow that will resonate long after the final page is turned.


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“1.6 GHz: Unveiling Dimensions, Uniting Souls, Unleashing Destiny.”