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Steve Foley

Novelist and Author

Steve Foley is a filmmaker, writer, producer, and the creator of The Fantasmagorium Show, a pop-culture entertainment & movie news podcast network, where he co-hosts and produces both daily and weekly shows and manages its website. Steve has written “Let’s All Go to The Lobby'' A Sweet History of Concessions at The Movies, the short story “The Fallen” and The Upcoming YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novel "Droplets for the Soul"

Lucy Shaw

Comics & Script Writer

Lucy Shaw is a comic book writer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with a degree in screenwriting from the University of Chichester. She has been writing and ghost-writing independent comics, kid’s comics, and T.V scripts for over ten years.

Lucy is currently a lead writer for Skull Valley Comics in association with Jackie Boy Entertainment and HAPSIE Comics in association with Clean Planet Energy.

Clovis Batebola

Cover and Pages Artist

Clovis batebola is a Comic Book Artist from Brazil. He started drawing at the same time that he learned to read with the help of the teacher who used comics to teach him how to read. He is an artist from the periphery of Rio de Janeiro known as Estradinha. He worked on comics by authors from several countries, with emphasis on O Kingdom Come, which led him to the award for best artist of 2023 by Glyph and also nominated by the website CBR.COM as one of the best works of the same year.

Angel "SonofaSaint" Lopez

Cover & Title Treatment Artist

A self-taught multidisciplinary digital creator, Angel Lopez is passionate about his field, which is evident in his creative portfolio. His work exudes eclectic style, color, and swag.  Angel is crafty in transforming architectural models into artistic marvels, digital art into 3-D life-like tangible masterpieces, and the written word into graphically artistic novels.

With over 10 years of in-house and freelance experience, Angel has extensive experience working across all industries and aesthetics, with clients ranging from corporate to creative.

Angel is a strong multi-tasker with an eye for detail. Few of his highlights include tuning Method Man into Superhero Bishop of the X-men, converting a brownstone building into an exact replica of the internal mansion of the Adams Family Mansion, and crafting a digital comic book representation of WWE Hall of famer Ric Flair.

His skillset spans from traditional art, photo manipulation, color correction and retouching to intensive garment design and much more. Angel works closely with clients to bring their ideas to life, developing dynamic creative concepts and executing eye catching results.